Selection of August 2018: Archange by Thierry Barre

L'Archange ... by Thierry Barre

The Archangel ...

It is not always possible to find time to devote oneself to one's photographic passion, especially for bird photography, which requires long hours of searching and looking for birds; we often come back empty-handed ... sometimes it's the weather that is an obstacle ... Making the choice to photograph passerines or garden birds is an alternative that is of great technical interest in addition to having a zero carbon footprint ... 
These small birds are extremely active and they can be caught in many interesting positions. It was the end of 2017 - a sunny start of winter followed by a sudden weather deterioration and an appearance of fog and cold allowed me to take beautiful shots with a warm bokeh. I enjoyed the challenge and continued shooting and searching for a white background to get the effect close to the high-key. 
To achieve this, I made a container using horizontal and vertical reflectors and within it, I inserted a small container filled with sunflower seeds - blue tits are crazy for the seeds. Hours of waiting ... and hundreds of shots. This image from the series is the one that is mostly appreciated; comments often indicate that it has a strong evocative power and may inspire something spiritual (inner peace or peace of mind). The technical part is quite simple, this photo was taken at 70/200 F4 L and post processed in Lightroom; it is cropped and the white balance has been changed.   

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