Talk # 7 Symmetry in Photography by Beata Moore

Lake Bled by Andrea Livieri

As landscape photographers, we are acutely aware of the power of symmetry in our images’ composition. Symmetry is a tool allowing us to add harmony, clarity and balance. Asymmetry (in simple terms, breaking an established pattern) can be just as useful as symmetry... read more.

Selection of September 2021: Supernova by Christophe Lallemand

Supernova by Christophe LALLEMAND

This photo is part of a series for which I wanted to recreate a mysterious and galactic atmosphere inspired by this insect. Indeed, "l'Empuse pennée", in its juvenile form and by its graphics, reminds me... read more.

Selection of August 2021: Front Face of Lion by Daniel Van Tongerloo

Lion de face by Daniel Van Tongerloo

In the plain of the Tanzanian Serengeti, this lion was sleeping close to a small waterhole. The lion then stood up and walked straight in my direction. To catch this picture was a chance; as I always say, wild life photography is... read more.

Images of selected Terra Quantum photographers represented at La Défense, Paris!

Terra Quantum has initiated collaboration with a leading real estate firm in order to promote art inside the buildings and offices they manage. One of the buildings, located at La Defense, near Paris, has been chosen to display Terra Quantum photographers. The images will be displayed ... read more.

Selection of July 2021: by Ruben Perez

by Ruben Perez (fris)

I came up with this photo when I came across this little snail, seeing that the snail shell was practically transparent I immediately knew that I wanted to take a photo against the light to highlight this transparency in the lake... read more.