Selection of December 2019: Flirting with the falls by Florence Dabenoc-Devaux

Tutoyer les chutes / Flirting with the falls by Florence Dabenoc-Devaux

A fantastic vision of hundred birds in chaotic surroundings of one of the most impressive falls in the world. read more.

Selection of November 2019: Puffin Portrait by NOD

Puffin Portrait by NOD

A visual delight for us, as much as a taste pleasure for that puffin... read more.

Selection of October 2019: Le Sourire by Odile Tambou

Le sourire by TAMBOU Odile

The power of the crocodile is expressed by Odile with a personal touch and vision. The composition is original, complex but perfectly mastered, especially the depth of field that reveals the prehistoric structure of the animal. read more.

Damaged Earth: a new Gallery by Terra Quantum

In 2019, according to the not-for-profit organization Global Footprint Network, humanity has exhausted the yearly budget of Nature on July, the 29th. This date is called the Earth Overshoot Day. Therefore, after this day, we draw down the natural resources and accumulate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Alternatively speaking, it means that our current consumption is equivalent to 1,7 Earth planets. Terra Quantum opens a new photographic gallery dedicated to this issue. Keeping our photographic excellence requirement, we will display the work of some photographers who act as the witnesses of Earth destruction and its possible future consequences. May their images have a salutary effect on all of us. read more.

An Interview with Heike Odermatt by Beata Moore

Hallerbos by Heike Odermatt

Heike Odermatt is a semi-professional photographer, originally from Germany, who lives in The Netherlands. She is well known for her beautifully composed landscapes, wildlife images as well as sensitively balanced natural abstracts. Since her early childhood she hoped to photograph landscapes and wild animals. Years after she got her first analog camera, she decided in 2002 to pursue nature photography. For a few years she was restricted with her photography due to a serious illness, but currently Heike is working on new approaches to allow her to re-start her photographic activities. Her work has been awarded in several international competitions, among them, Wildlife Photographer of the Year (BBC) and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (ENJ). Heike is a member of the Nature Photographers Guild (NFG) and the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT). read more.