Selection of February 2021: Can I pass? by Adri Sanz

Can I pass? by Adri Sanz

“What is behind this intriguing picture of frog taken in the middle of the jungle? The shy eye and the fragile fingers? Adriana’s beautiful story makes us think.” read more.

Talk # 5 Square Format by Beata Moore

Photography is about personal expression and the creative process allows us to make many choices, including the choice of a format of photographs. Many landscape photographers prefer standard horizontal format, so well suited for landscapes. Others choose vertical, panoramic or square. read more.

Selection of January 2021: Rock Painting by Oscar Diez

Rock painting by Oscar Diez

The way the picture has been taken and processed evokes a cave painting, a piece of art that would have been made at the beginning of humanity. Very well done. read more.

Talk # 4 Moods and Emotions by Beata Moore

Hibernation by Alex Noriega

As the second year of our fight with coronavirus started, many of us are in great need of some joy and experiencing some positive emotions. As a photographer, I am not only my happiest when I capture landscapes and life around me, but also, when I can immerse in someone else’s story in a photograph. read more.

Selection of December 2020: From the Abyss by Johan Siggesson

From the Abyss by Johan Siggesson

“This picture is full of mystery, absolutely original and we love that. What kind of creature is behind the rock, what does it try to do, is it a danger, a call… So many questions around this superb picture. ” read more.