Selection of Mai 2019: ... by Bastien Riu

... by Bastien Riu

A superb minimalist composition with fascinating curves that draw our attention to complex calligraphy travelled by a delicate wood ant. read more.

Selection of April 2019: Reindeer On White by George Wheelhouse

Reindeer On White by George Wheelhouse

We have been enchanted by the subtle tones in this picture that delicately underline the reindeer. The way George explains his composition is in addition full of interest. read more.

An Interview with Chris Davis by Beata Moore

Road to Three Peakes by Chris Davis

Chris Davis is a professional image maker utilising CGI and retouching in the advertising industry for the past 15 years; he came into photography only recently. Since 2012, it has become an almost fulltime pursuit spending many hours out in the field practising his craft. His images have been shortlisted in a few competitions, had a few honorable mentions and made it into a few books: Epson Pano Awards 2018 - Bronze Award, Take-a-View Landscape Photographer of the year 2018 - 2 Commendations & awards book, PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2018 - Silver Award, Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2017 – shortlisted and book, Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2016 – shortlisted and book; International Photographer of the year 2016 - Honourable Mention, Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017 and many more. read more.

Selection of March 2019: Arctif Fox by Roberto Marchegiani

Arctic Fox by Roberto Marchegiani

A beautiful illustration of white on white, that reflects the ability of animals to adapt and survive in the harshest conditions. read more.

Selection of February 2019: Perplexe by Lucie Bressy

Perplexe by Lucie Bressy

Eyes are always fascinating, especially in animals. We cannot help trying to guess their thoughts, their emotions, their feelings. We could say that we are intelligent but what the eyes of an animal say, will always be a mystery to us. read more.