Selection of Mai 2018: Elegance by Roberto Marchegiani

Elegance by Roberto Marchegiani

Much is said in the title. The shapes of the birds, the composition, the choice of high key... everything is perfectly achieved. read more.

An Interview with Heiko Gerlicher by Beata Moore

Heiko Gerlicher is a self taught landscape and nature photographer born in 1969, living in Ahorn in the District of Coburg, Germany. By profession he is field staff for a special steel wholesale trade. But for a hobby, he shoots photos. In fact, he is a award-winning photographer. Some Gold medals at the prestigious Trierenberg Supercircuit for example and several publications in magazines belong to his successes so far. read more.

Selection of April 2018: The King of the World by Nicole Barge

Le roi du monde by Nicole Barge

This very artistic, personal and elegant image by Nicole Barge is our selection of April for Life. read more.

Selection of March 2018: Nightmare by Cyril Verron

Nightmare by Cyril Verron

A rare moment captured by Cyril with a perfect control. The movement and composition as well as the light are sublime. read more.

An Interview with Beata Moore by... Terra Quantum

Beata Moore is a professional photographer and author. She lives in Kingston-upon-Thames, England. Her photographs show a strong affinity towards nature but also a fascination with human ingenuity in creating architectural masterpieces. Commissions by publishers and advertising agencies helped to establish her reputation as a landscape and urban photographer. She has written seven books and is currently working on her eighth. Beata’s work has been exhibited at galleries across the UK and her photographs are held in private collections in the USA, UK and Europe. read more.