Selection of September 2023: Unreal atmosphere by Alexandre & Chloé Bès

Unreal atmosphere by Alexandre & Chloé Bès

In this salty water, millions of lesser flamingos come to feed on microalgae, shrimp, and other crustaceans. The soda concentration is so high and the depth of the lake so shallow that a crust of soda crystals partly covers it. read more.

Selection of August 2023: Dentelle by Gil Gautier

Dentelle by Gil Gautier

The main difficulty was managing the depth of field and the clear, smooth luminosity of the water in the background... read more.

Selection of July 2023: Arctic Spirit by Pere Soler

Arctic Spirit by Pere Soler

"This photo of the Arctic tern was taken during the month of July near Arnarstapi in western Iceland. During that time, it is relatively easy to have them close by as it is the breeding season, and they fly over you to protect their nests and prevent you from getting too close to their chicks..." read more.

Talk #13: Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Artificial Intelligence is happening, whether we like it or not. Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th century brought fears, a range of social issues and eventually, unrest. Similarly, but well over 200 years later, AI brings anxiety and insecurity. It is unavoidable that AI will affect negatively many people in multiple industries. Unlike our predecessors, we are not going to arm ourselves with guns and pikes and march against the machines. There is however the need to scrutinise the development of AI and analyse how it affects our lives. read more.

Selection of June 2023: Quatuor (Quartet) by Florence Devaux

Quatuor (Quartet) by Florence Devaux

I love graphic design and uncluttered images. High-key is one of the techniques that allows me to exacerbate this. I was near the pan (which is dry at this time of year) and a group of giraffes were there, in the heat, in the very harsh light of a late morning... read more.