Selection of June 2021: X Fly by Gil Gautier

X Fly by Gil Gautier

As usual, I first looked for a frame and for light. The odonata at the edge of this small pond were numerous. I just had to choose my angle of view to integrate the subject as well as possible in this frame... read more.

Talk # 6 Photography Competitions by Beata Moore

A lot has been written about photographic competitions; I could write a long list of reasons for participating in them, and equally long one, against. Recent proliferation of competitions shows clearly that there is a strong interest and need for them. Most of the competition provide an opportunity for photographers to get exposure, therefore giving your career a major boost, as well as win some money or gear. Selecting the best images from many thousands of entries is a difficult task for judges. How do you select ‘the best’? read more.

An Interview with Yucel Basoglu by Beata Moore

Yucel Basoglu was born in 1967 in Switzerland, but now lives in Istanbul, in Turkey. Electronic engineering by profession, he always loved fine arts, and his life changed when he discovered photography. He is widely known for his black and white seascape photography. Yucel has become an award-winning fine art photographer, with Spider Awards, Monovision, IPA, FAPA, PX3 and many other awards. His images have also been published in numerous magazines. read more.

Selection of May 2021: Glamourpillar by Henrik Spranz

Glamourpillar by Henrik Spranz

This photo of a swallowtail caterpillar is part of a series where I wanted to give insects a glamorous stage - but wanted to achieve everything in camera. In Tuscany you can still find... read more.

Selection of April 2021: Fighting Wild Hares by Arnfinn Johansen

Fighting Wild Hares by Arnfinn Johansen

Wild hares are common in Norway, but they are challenging to photograph because they are shy and nocturnal. In this project, the hares are fed with oats, and after many years doing this, they regularly come - but only at night... read more.