Selection of April 2021: Fighting Wild Hares by Arnfinn Johansen

Fighting Wild Hares by Arnfinn Johansen

Wild hares are common in Norway, but they are challenging to photograph because they are shy and nocturnal. In this project, the hares are fed with oats, and after many years doing this, they regularly come - but only at night... read more.

Selection of March 2021: Look into my Eyes by Lynn Emery

Look into my eyes by Lynn Emery

The image was taken in Mugie Conservancy in Laikipia in Northern Kenya in October 2016 when we were lucky to come across two cheetah brothers. read more.

An Interview with David Frutos Egea by Beata Moore

Spring Impressions in a Poplar Fields by David Frutos Egea

David Frutos Egea was born in 1974, in Murcia in the southeast of Spain and he became interested in photography in 2008. He loves nature, especially the Mediterranean coast, where he lives now. David graduated from the University of Murcia in 1996 (Education studies) and in 2014, from the Ramon y Cajal Institute (Image Studies). His work is mainly of fine art landscapes and his favourite technique is long exposure. David’s photographs have been published in print and in digital form in many national and international prestige magazines, such as Outdoor Photography, Naturaleza Salvaje, La Naturaleza Habla LNH, IRIS, Canonikos, El Paisaje Perfecto, Stark-Magazine, eZine by Nathan Wirh, Andrew S. Gibson, BLACK Magazin, B&W Minimalism Magazine, WePhoto Magazine, LMF, Iris and many more. read more.

Selection of February 2021: Can I pass? by Adri Sanz

Can I pass? by Adri Sanz

“What is behind this intriguing picture of frog taken in the middle of the jungle? The shy eye and the fragile fingers? Adriana’s beautiful story makes us think.” read more.

Talk # 5 Square Format by Beata Moore

Photography is about personal expression and the creative process allows us to make many choices, including the choice of a format of photographs. Many landscape photographers prefer standard horizontal format, so well suited for landscapes. Others choose vertical, panoramic or square. read more.