Selection of November 2018: Gelada Baboons by Roberto Marchegiani

Gelada Baboons by Roberto Marchegiani

Sumptuous light on the baboon makes our choice for the photo of the month. read more.

Selection of October 2018: tiger Noir by Preeti and Prashant Chacko

Tiger Noir by Preeti and Prashant Chacko

A very impressive shot that perfectly underlines the power of the feline read more.

An Interview with Daniel Laan by Beata Moore

Daniel Laan is professional landscape photographer from the Netherlands, who is passionate about conveying ethereal qualities through both photography and post-processing. His turbulent mind finds serenity in the outdoors and comes alive through a dark and moody visual style which he teaches in photography workshops held throughout Europe. Daniel teaches landscape photography and leads workshops and tours. read more.

Selection of September 2018: Guardian by Andrew George

Guardian by Andrew George

We have been charmed by this very personal and original image taken by Andrew. See how he plays with all the circles... A great composition! read more.

Selection of August 2018: Archange by Thierry Barre

L'Archange ... by Thierry Barre

Our selection for this month: this image from Thierry evokes the power and a spiritual feeling. read more.