Terra Quantum Life is launched!

Terra Quantum is now 7 years old. Photographic excellence is our passion and the Earth, our interest.

Along with the current platform, TERRITORIES, we have launched the new one, LIFE. Our approach in terms of quality and concern about the environment stays the same.

LIFE will accommodate animal photography. An international, permanent jury will review each submitted image. We are grateful to Nick Brandt for agreeing to display in LIFE several images of his last and so important work: INHERIT THE DUST. 


An Interview with Huibo Hou by Beata Moore
Mar 05, 2023

Huibo Hou is a landscape photographer based in San Diego, California. Her interest in photography...

Selection of December 2022: The way of life by David Ilkovic
Mar 05, 2023

The summer was extremely hot due to global warming and with little rainfall, the soil was dry and...

Selection of November 2022: Sandhill Cranes in Snowy Field by Larry Monczka
Jan 25, 2023

This image was made close to home in Norfolk County in Southern Ontario, Canada. Once uncommon in...

Selection of October 2022: Zèbr'abstraction by Nathalie Houdin
Dec 27, 2022

This picture was taken in the fabulous Etosha National Park in Namibia on a very special morning,...

Talk #11 Photographs Do Not Lie
Dec 26, 2022

We are all familiar with the saying that the picture (or the camera) do not lie, however the camera captures only a moment in time, and at a particular perspective, so in practice, the images tell only a fraction of a story. Take this photo for example, it shows this idyllic location, exactly how I remember it, or should I say, how I want to remember it - mysterious, impenetrable and peaceful. ...

Selection of September 2022: Louisiana by Roberto Marchegiani
Nov 27, 2022

It is incredibly exciting to see how a potentially hostile and inhospitable place can become incr...


We are living through the antithesis of genesis right now. It took billions of years to reach a place of such wondrous diversity, and then in just a few shockingly short years, an infinitesimal pinprick of time, to annihilate that.

It has become apparent that our planet and its wildlife is dying, victims of the human activity, pollution, maltreatment, environmental spoilage and litter. It seems that our world has two enemies: men and their indifference. If no actions are taken, the situation will deteriorate.

That’s why the work of Nick Brandt is so important - it is powerful and shocking. As a result, it makes us do more, not just talk. He has shown us two horrific realities: disappearance of human beings and the extinction of the animal life. We are so convinced of our superiority and intelligence, yet we ignore the fact that men will not survive without animal life. This is what Nick’s photos are showing with impeccable precision, exquisite composition and tremendous beauty.

Nick is far from being just a witness of environmental damage, in 2010 he co-founded with Richard Bonham, Big Life Foundation that employs hundreds of Masai rangers and protects 2 million acres of Wilderness in East Africa. With pragmatism and perseverance, they try to reverse the looming disaster.

We are grateful to Nick for agreeing to display several images on Terra Quantum. We fully share his engagement in the matter and support his objectives. By sharing his work, we hope it will reach a wider audience.

All the images here are to scale and not altered.

Samuel Feron - Terra Quantum