Selection of August 2020: Cavalcade by Michael Arzur

Cavalcade by Michael Arzur

It was a while that I wanted to photograph the Camargue horses. This breed of small gray-coated horses fascinates me. Its origin remains a mystery, although it is considered one of the oldest races in the world. Camargue horses are bred in a wild way in the marshes of the Delta. 

It was 7 am and the sun was rising over the marshes of the Rhône Delta. The riders prepared the horses and I was in the place at the edge of the swamp, impatiently waiting for them to begin their ride. The riders directed the horses to run towards me and I thought I was in the middle of a western film. It was all very fast, I fired in a burst and the horses continued their race, passing beside me. An epic scene that I had the chance to immortalize and that will remain etched in my memory. The difficulty was to manage to keep the focus on the horses, without the autofocus catching the water splashes. Everything happened very fast and the light was low, which made the shooting very difficult. 

I decided to develop my image in black and white to give more intensity to the scene. I wanted this image to be powerful and to be timeless.   

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