Selection of August 2021: Front Face of Lion by Daniel Van Tongerloo

Lion de face by Daniel Van Tongerloo

In the plain of the Tanzanian Serengeti, this lion was sleeping close to a small waterhole. The lion then stood up and walked straight in my direction. To catch this picture was a chance; as I always say, wild life photography is 50% of patience, 48% of chance and 2% of talent...

Most of my pictures are portraits, even with human. I love to capture an expression, and in the eyes of this lion, I felt something like melancholy/sadness as he was aloneā€¦ possibly he was rejected by his family...?

Of course, the post processing is quite important in such pictures, as the black background is not fully natural. We are not taking pictures in the wilderness with a complete set of flash lights and the wild animals never obey your directives or wishes. The post processing was in PS, adding progressively a black background, but not distorting the image; just allowing viewers to see only the beauty of the animal. 

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