Selection of December 2023: Just essential of Black veined white by Thomas Delahaye

Just essential of Black veined white by Thomas Delahaye

 On a rainy morning in French Alps Mountain in National Park of Vanoise, I saw this Black Veined White on the grass. In weather conditions like that, shooting against white and grey sky, it is easy to make a high-key picture. I love such weather, as it allows me to make this type of graphic picture!

It was difficult to position myself, because of the slope of the meadow in the mountains. When I saw the shape of these couple of grass blades, with the butterfly on one, I thought “I want it!” I had a lot of time to shoot it because on this cold morning, the butterfly was "sleeping” and it didn’t move before the sun warmed it. It is important to know such facts, as to have time for searching, working on the composition, and creating.

I do very little post-processing at home because I achieve most during the shooting. Also, due to picture competition rules, it's better not to use much post-processing. In Lightroom, I added some contrast and a bit of saturation. I verified the clear tone and the black tone, and this was all. I really like to have a good frame from the very beginning!   

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