Selection of February 2019: Perplexe by Lucie Bressy

Perplexe by Lucie Bressy

I met Hanuman in Rajasthan last November. Monkeys are sacred in India, and you can see a lot of them in dedicated temples, in the streets, in the markets, or on the roofs, waiting to grab some food. Most of the time they didn't pay any attention to me. Just living their lives. This one however caught my eyes and looked at me for a long time... 
I approached him to take a portrait photo with 70-200mm lens at 2.8, as I wanted to get a nice bokeh. He kept staring at me... 
I did some basic post-processing in Photoshop, and cropped the image to a square. I added a textured background and slightly accentuated the eyes to achieve the intensity I remembered.

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