Selection of July 2018: Feeling Blue by Lucie Bressy

Feeling blue by Lucie Bressy

I took this picture ofa praying mantis last year, in September, at 20.45 PM.

One hour earlier, I was taking some nice proxy pictures of this mantis. That’s all what I had in mind. Then, I saw the full moon rising, without any clouds in the sky. I took my camera with the 80-400 mounted and I went to the same place.Trying to find the praying mantis took me about ten minutes. I attempted to take others pictures quickly, from different sides of this umbelliferous plant. I made sure the lens was at the same level that the mantis. All was taken in the light of the moon. I had no tripod with me and I used the lens at 400mm, so it was a little bit difficult to focus and to keep the image sharp. I got only one picture ; 2000 iso, 1/60 5,6 at 400 mm

Post processing was done in Lightroom. I wanted to make the colors look the way I saw them, blue and gold. I also needed to reduce the digital noise. At the end I have decided to crop the image. 

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