Selection of June 2019: Bison in the Hot Spring Steam by Arnfinn Johansen

Bison in the hot spring steam by Arnfinn Johansen

The image of the Bison in the hot spring steam has been taken in Yellowstone on a trip in February/March 2018. This is a good period for having the animals in the steam and the cold temperatures give nice ice effects in their fur. It is also possible to get heavy snow. We were moving with a snow coach which is very convenient since it is easy to bring all the equipment. It is also very fast to get out and ready compared to a snow mobile and everything is packed down.

My plan was to get this kind of picture. During several days we stayed in an area where there are hot springs and where there use to be many Bisons. Instead of sitting in the coach I was most of the time lying in the snow to have a low angle, and without disturbing the animals. I positioned myself so that they passed very close from me since they use to follow each other in the same path through the snow. One day, during half an hour, I was lucky to have heavy snow. I positioned myself so that the Bison had the hot spring steam in the background after going through it. This way I got the image I had planned

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