Selection of March 2019: Arctif Fox by Roberto Marchegiani

Arctic Fox by Roberto Marchegiani

I took this photo of the Arctic fox in the Svalbard islands, at the end of the Arctic winter (in the first week of April) during a snowmobile excursion. In winter the only way to get around Svalbard is by snowmobile as the fjords are all frozen, and the hikes are very long and demanding (12 hours) but it is rewarded because the light is wonderful as well as the landscape completely frozen.

The conditions were very demanding (-22 degrees below zero, and on the snowmobile the perceived temperature is much lower) but fortunately I was very well equipped. Near Billefjorden we spotted this arctic fox which, fortunately, was curious and not at all wary, and came closer. I did just in time to lie down completely on the ground to photograph it with the 70-200 and to shoot just when the fox sat in white, looking at me. 
The photo is slightly cropped and the post-production is limited to increase the whites for a greater cleaning of the images. 

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