Selection of March 2020: Dreamworld by Swapnil Deshpande

Dreamworld by Swapnil Deshpande

Many times we want to create an image that is pre visualized in our mind and we wait for the opportunity to create it. Dreams can have many forms and one such form I had in my mind, which I created through this image. Corbett national park has this area where there are huge trunks of dead trees in grassland area. The white background of sky and dark trunks create a natural contrast. I wanted to portray waves from those trunks, so I moved my camera vertically to create hazy patterns from them. I had pre visualized the image with a mammal at the bottom, with the hazy waves that would make it dreamy or hazy-like pattern using multiple exposures. I used the base image of hazy waves of trunks and imposed it on a deer image which was also slightly moved. I was lucky to get bright background against deer, so the dark hazy trunks could be easily seen. I also cloned out other parts from a deer image, so I could create what I had visualized. It was fairly easy to convert the image to monochrome and pump up the contrast to make trunk darker. The superimposed deer image had some elements like shrubs and small plants called lantana, which I easily healed and cloned to get the final image. 

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