Selection of March 2023: At Eye Level by Renato Righetti

At eye level by Renato Righetti

 This picture was taken by chance when we were returning to our tented camp from a game drive in the Okavango Delta in Botswana in October 2018. The sun had just set when we came across this lion. Very relaxed, he was lying under a tree. We moved the vehicle a little further away from the lion and continued to observe him. As he was still lying there very relaxed, I was able to photograph him from the position behind the vehicle at eye level. The residual light as well as the colours were very special that evening.

On reviewing the images of the lion, I was at first a little disappointed with the result. I found it too dark and lacking in contrast. However, as the colours were very exciting, I tried to bring out the colour mood and the residual light more intensively in the post-processing of the picture and thus also to express the relaxed expression of the lion in the portrait. 

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