Selection of November 2023: For Now Flamingo by Alice Zilberberg

For Now Flamingo by Alice Zilberberg

In this series, I create animal montages as an expression of self-therapy, drawing attention to mindfulness and nature conservation. As an urbanite, functioning day-to-day in a fast-paced, built environment can be emotionally unsettling. I reground myself in the sense of calm issued by these animals. These creatures reinstate a presence, tranquility, and a grander perspective. Their minimal aesthetic is metaphorical of striving for simplicity. My work invite a meditative state, encouraging the viewer to stay still and find happiness in the moment.

The flamingo was shot separately from the background. Like all my works, the image is an amalgam of shots put together. The digital displacement of the animals from their surroundings is representative of their displacement in real life from the wild due to human interference. The animals have a “home” within each image, which, in many cases, no longer exists in the wild. The images are a tribute, a testament to the beauty of nature, and a ground on which to reflect on the interaction between humans and the natural world. 

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