Selection of October 2022: Zèbr'abstraction by Nathalie Houdin

Zèbr'abstraction by Nathalie Houdin

This picture was taken in the fabulous Etosha National Park in Namibia on a very special morning, near a waterhole. I was watching a group of zebras when the wind started to pick up and lift the sand from the very dry ground. This created an incredible atmosphere, where everything disappeared around the animals, highlighting the black of their stripes. I took advantage of this moment to lower the shutter speed and overexpose my photo to play with the lines of the zebras creating this image.

I overexposed my photo when I took it, in order to make this image. In the post-processing, I turned my photo into black and white and accentuated the overexposure a little. Then I adjusted slightly the contrast between the blacks and the whites.

Canon EOS-1D X and Canon EF200-400mm f/4L IS USM - F/32 - 1/6 sec - 160 ISO. 

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