Talk #1 Sea Fever

Photographic excellence is Terra Quantum’s passion and the Earth, our interest. After four years in existence (how time has flown by) we would like to start a conversation about what matters to us, photography and our planet. I have been asked to write a regular column ‘Landscape Talks’ and I am thrilled about this opportunity. I will focus on photography in general, on light, composition, colour and design, but also on our fragile environment, beautiful and inspiring ‘honey pot’ locations and about the less obvious places and overlooked details. My short musings will be accompanied by images created by many of the talented photographers who contribute to Terra Quantum and I will explain why these images make me tick. As this is the very first chat, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am a professional photographer and the author of five coffee table books and two visitor guidebooks. I exhibit at galleries across the UK, offer advice to photography students and judge many photo competitions, such as the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year. I am very passionate about the sea and the coast. Coastal environments are very dynamic, especially during storms. Challenging conditions and the unpredictability of the sea means that I never know exactly what to expect, nevertheless, I am drawn to the sea like a magnet. Waves exploding, crashing and tumbling, white capped crests, a muffled roar, a salty spray, the muted clatter of pebbles knocking together awakens all of my senses. Powerful and unpredictable, the waves are not easy to photograph. There is nothing regular about them and with no control over the sea, timing is everything. Is it really everything? The other essential ingredient is light. Without some breaks in the clouds and a bit of direct sunlight, I would not have been able to capture dramatic contrasts, rich textures and deep shadows. Luckily, on that day, Mother Nature was generous and whilst I returned home totally soaked, a few captured images made my heart beat faster, as I knew I had managed to create order out of chaos.  

Beata Moore

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