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** Photographer * Veterinarian * Globe-trotter **

It was my parents who transmitted to me the love and respect for Nature, the fever traveler, and my father the photography virus.
I like to explore many areas of photography, from architecture to portraits, landscapes and of course nature and animals. What I like is to look at the world that surrounds me differently, to compose with light, framing, movement, to spot pictorial details, to flirt with the abstract sometimes, in a word to create. And when I manage to transmitting an emotion, the one I felt or the one that the spectator will appropriate by looking at the image, it is very fulfilling.
It is often in black and white that I take great pleasure in expressing myself. I find that that it exacerbates what I love most about an image: its graphics.
"The true artist does not copy what (s)he sees, (s)he interprets it" - Maurice Denuzière


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