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Meredith Mullins

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About Meredith Mullins

Just as Meredith Mullins calls two continents home (Paris, France and the Monterey Peninsula, California USA), she is also at home with several photographic genres.

She appreciates the beauty of the planet not only through the strength of the land and power of nature but also through a connection to people and the things that bring us together (or tear us apart) as humans. She believes in digging beneath the surface to find the spirit of a place and its people—finding the scenes and characters that are part of theunfolding story.

She has captured layers of life in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa and has had more than 50 solo and group exhibitions of her fine art photographs. Her work is in museum collections in the U.S. and France and in private collections around the world; and she is the winner of several photographic prizes, including the Grand Concours sur Paris, PX3, The Worldwide Gala Awards, Center for Photographic Art, and the Julia Margaret Cameron Award.

Meredith is the author of the award-winning photography book, In A Paris Moment, and has contributed work to National Geographic educational projects, as well as several magazines and print/cyberpublications.

She is currently a photography instructor in Paris and feeds her passion and commitment for the discovery and support of new photographic talent as co-founder and director of the International Fine Art Photography Competition (Grand Prix de la Découverte), a program dedicated to the recognition and support of talented photographic artists.

Her philosophy can be summed up in one phrase: "Vive la photographie!"

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