Selection of June 2023: Quatuor (Quartet) by Florence Devaux

Quatuor (Quartet) by Florence Devaux

This photograph was taken in July 2015 in Etosha National Park, Namibia, which is among my favourites in Africa. The arid atmosphere, and the magical lights make it a truly unique park!

I love graphic design and uncluttered images. High-key is one of the techniques that allows me to exacerbate this. I was near the pan (which is dry at this time of year) and a group of giraffes were there, in the heat, in the very harsh light of a late morning. An hour when it's often said that you shouldn't take photos ;-) But that's precisely what I found so interesting about this very luminous, very mineral, almost lunar atmosphere! And the giraffes spoiled me, as they have moved in relation to each other to create a dynamic, graphic and balanced composition. A harmonious quartet.

The over-exposure was of course done as when I was shooting, prioritising the right exposure for the main subjects. Photographic development allowed me to optimise it by zone. The giraffes were exposed as I wanted them, the very sober, while short grasses and pebbles was overexposed just as I wanted it, but the sky behind them was light grey, and I took it into pure white. The square framing had been anticipated from the start 1/ because I love the square format 2/ because I thought this quartet lent itself particularly well to it. 

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