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Photographer - Veterinarian - World's lover - African at heart
Her parents were travellers, and her father loved nature and photography: they passed on their passions to her. For twenty-six years in Lorraine, she happily practised the intense profession of veterinary surgeon.
A growing enthusiasm for photography, combined with other aspirations held in check for too long and a happy encounter, led to a complete change of life! Florence will be hanging up her coat at the end of 2019 to become a professional photographer, like her partner. The Périgord region of France offered a helping hand. There they have set up a guest house and a photographic art gallery. They have also set up their own travel agency, 'ATMOSPHÈRES' : they organise and accompany exceptional trips to Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, which they design for 'enthusiastic contemplatives', with passion and sharing as their driving forces.

Florence has been exhibiting her work for almost ten years, in numerous festivals and galleries throughout France and Europe. She has won several awards in international competitions (Montier en Der, France / GDT, Germany /MML and Montphoto, Spain /Oasis and Biophoto, Italy / Lowland and Aves, Belgium...), was awarded the silver medal - naturalist section - at the Salon National des Beaux Arts in 2019, and her photographs have been published in several magazines.

However, her work as an artist would seem sterile if it wasn't closely linked to highlighting the human-nature issues and conservation messages that she is always keen to get across. She has given numerous talks on the threats to the African wildlife that is so dear to her heart, always trying to draw a parallel with the solutions that exist. "Our passion for nature photography should make us its ambassadors.


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