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Adriana Claudia Sanz was born in Buenos Aires in 1970 and from a young age lives in Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina, where she developed a strong contact with nature.

In 1994, she graduated from Biochemistry and later obtained a master's degree in environment, which allows her to dedicate herself to the care of ecosystems, an activity that she has been developing for more than two decades. As part of her work, she must record the components of the ecosystem, their characteristics, alterations, evolution and it is there that she discovers her other passion, the photography of nature. Today she is fully dedicated to both passions.

Her periodic trips are intense photographic sessions, where she photographs to discover, immortalize, sensitize, because she believes in the power of the image as a conservation tool, because she affirms that we love what we know and we care what we love. In her photos, she tries to dignify the photographed subject in search of those unique moments of connection that allow her to transmit his feelings to the viewer, trying to establish communication between them. On the other hand, she incorporates in each image her artistic vision in which she seeks to reflect her reality and not reality itself.

Her passion for this activity has led her to actively work promoting and participating in organizations related to nature photography, congresses, competitions, exhibitions, book and magazine dissemination activities and promoting the creation of the first Argentine Association of Nature Photographers. "AFONA" in which she actively works together with friends and colleagues with whom she shares the samedream.

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