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With my family as well as a sailor and diver with the French Navy, I have travelled a lot. I also lived overseas during several periods of my life.
I am deeply attached to those French lands, so I try, with my pictures, to highlight their animal and human treasures.
More recently I went to the French Southern and Antartic Lands.
There I tried to look into the eyes of wild animals, which are the emblems of a living Earth, both fragile and dying but still carrying an incredible and wonderful diversity.
With my work I wish to deliver a message of hope.
Today we seem to throw up our hands as if everything were lost, as if all men were evil and as if the Earth were definitely doomed.
Must we remain fatalistic?
I love our beautiful planet and the animals which live on it and I still deeply love the human beings.
I am convinced that continueing to show the beautiful and wild world is a way to raise our awareness that all is not finished if we react quickly and with common sense.
Let’s not give up!

“In this antology of marine mammals, Grégory Pol offers us the acme of his art. Every picture is a reconciliation with the beauty of the world, an endless source of fertile imagination and wonders.
Nothing is tiny to who knows how to observe."
Dr Jean-Louis Etienne

"Grégory Pol is a sailor and a photographer, he is in love with the great white and with the world of silence. Let’s stop in front of a photograph by Grégory and we immediately penetrate his delicate and quiet magic.”
Michel King
President of the National society of Fine Arts
Official painter of the French Navy


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