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My roots can be found in Innsbruck, Austria, and Oslo, Norway. I made 2013 the decision to move to the Arctic because of the geographic flexibility through my work as an architect and the attractive opportunity to get closer to the tough and magnificent nature of the Arctic, to live my passion, the landscape photography.
The immensity of lonely fjords, the breathtaking light and the aesthetic glaciers of the Far North are magical to me.
With my photographs she wants to show the amazing, beautiful and powerful forces that have created the magnificent nature of the Arctic.
Light as the main subject in combination with the seascape and landscape. ‚Äč
My photographic journey has seen me explore the genres of Landscape, Black and White, Portrait and Architecture Photography.
I exhibited in Norway, Austria, UK and France and have been published by National Geographic Magazine, Terra Quantum, aso.. I have been awarded trough national and international competitions included of the the Austria National Sony Award 2018.


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