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My name is Jérémie Brion I'm 41 years old I'm an amateur photographer, originally from
Since my childhood I have always been passionate about the world of the small, the flowers, the
butterflies, dragonflies ...
Most of my photos are taken in Champagne Ardennes France.
No need to travel the planet to observe and photograph these stupid animals.
A field, a wood, a pond, a river are enough.
A sun lost in the branches of a tree on a summer evening,
a day against a flower covered with dew in the spring and the magic operates.
Nature is transformed and dressed in a thousand lights.
But ... !! may I have already met you at the turn of a road?
I always slung an old camera, a Nikon "D90".
It is small, light, robust, ideal and practical for rolling in the grass.
With these 12,5 MP only, do not bother to tell you that it is necessary to apply from the
shooting to have a composition and a perfect framing.
My favorite lenses are two fixed focal lengths, a Nikon 105mm f / 2.8 Micro
Nikkor, and a Nikon 300mm f / 4D AF-S Nikkor
For the rest I do not use flash, tripod or reflector.
I shoot obviously in RAW and develop my photos with Camera raw, that I
fignole with photoshop.
I do not hesitate to delete a small annoying element, to move a detail, to add
a shadow ...
Through my photos I do not try to do photo reportage,
but harmonious, sweet, artistic images with a touch of poetry.
Reality does not matter to me as long as everyone has their share of dream.
Welcome to the land of dreams.


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