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Colors, shapes and also sounds have always fascinated and accompanied the creative part of my life, be it in dealing with textiles and designing garments during my training as a seamstress, as well as in making music and for some years now in landscape photography, which I have discovered and learned to love during my travels.
Accordingly, I can hardly get enough of seeing and hearing a landscape scene.
I am fascinated by the colors of the landscape and its special structures. I often ask myself why a landscape is perceived as beautiful? Does this beauty have a purpose?
Is it just a subjective feeling that we humans perceive certain landscapes as beautiful?
Questions upon questions occupy me, and I come to the conclusion that colors, shapes and, not to forget, light form an inseparable unity with the landscape; indeed, it is color, shapes and light that give landscapes their final form in the first place. Perhaps it is precisely this symbiosis that ensures that landscapes fascinate us and that we strive to preserve them and not destroy them.


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