3,700m high in the Andes, Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivia is the world's largest salt pan and is known as the 'mirror in the sky'. These otherworldly salt flats are the legacy of an expansive lake that has long since evaporated. The salt pan is also home to one of Bolivia's largest lithium mines. Flamingos do not live at Salar de Uyuni - they are thought to be living at several of the pink salt lakes that exist in Bolivia and Chile. When they are seen at Salar de Uyuni, it is when they are resting their wings when flying to/from their feeding destinations. To avoid competition for food, they eventually ended up living in a severe condition for survival – a dry land in high altitude where food is extremely scarce. With low levels of oxygen, I had to fight back symptoms of altitude sickness as I crouched down and slowly approached the flamingos while carefully observing them, making sure I do not cause anything to change in this perfect situation. It is as if they are on the edge of this world, just one step away from heaven. I felt like I witnessed a complete harmony between the peace-seeking flamingos and the Earth. [+]


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