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I was lucky enough to start traveling on my own when I was just twelve years old. Traveling around the world is my passion and the camera has always been with me me. Since then I have been shooting basically to preserve travel memories, instinctively, with very few instruments available but my eyes: monuments, people, scenes of everyday life. A summer trip to Iceland has completely changed my way of photographing. There I fell in love with the landscape, the natural landscape in particular. Around 2015 I started taking photography more seriously, deepening my knowledge in the photographic field and especially the technique. My shots are born on the field, they are almost all "single frame" and I noticed that, being born and grown in a seaside town in Southern Italy, the sea is often present in them. Only at the beginning of 2020 I did start to (try to...) enhance my poor post-production skills, since I don’t like too much being in front of a screen to edit photos. I prefer much more to stay in the mountains or by the sea, to get excited watching a sunset over the Scottish islands or to wait for sunrise in the Icelandic frost.


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