The Image was taken in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania in July of 2016 at the Mara River Crossing of the great wildebeest migration. With dust clouds seen from miles away and the gush of water heard from quite a distance, the mara crossing is full of excitement and drama. After months of planning and research, studying the movement of the migration, examining best points to frame the crossing, times of the day with the ideal light and then ofcourse praying for a huge dose of luck - I followed the migration for over two weeks as hundreds of thousands of wildebeest slowly congregated at the river bank to make the annual crossing. The decision to cross, year after year, knowing the dangers is truly remarkable. This daring attempt entails braving the strong currents of the river coupled with the threat of lurking apex predators like the nile crocodiles and big cats waiting to hunt. [+]


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