Selection of January 2018: Dark Shadows by Daniel Van Tongerloo

Dark Shadows by Daniel Van Tongerloo

This month we have been impressed by this gaze of a king in Tanzania, captured by Daniel Van Tongerloo read more.

Selection of December 2017: Chaos by Sonalini Khetrapal

Chaos by Sonalini Khetrapal

This incredibly compact mass of wildebeests has been shoot by photographer Sonalini Khetrapal, making this image the photo of December. read more.

Selection of November 2017: Pure Pleasure by Kim Abel

Pure pleasure by Kim Abel

Kim offers us a rare and refreshing image of a polar bear in the snow. A pure delight for the eyes! read more.

Selection of October 2017: Rutting Morning by Bob Luijks

Rutting morning by Bob Luijks

For the first Photo of the month for the new platform LIFE, Terra Quantum has chosen Bob Luijks and his stunning image. Congratulation to Bob! read more.

Tribute to Nick Brandt

Alleyway with Chimpanzee by Nick Brandt

It has become apparent that our planet and its wildlife is dying, victims of the human activity, pollution, maltreatment, environmental spoilage and litter. It seems that our world has two enemies: men and their indifference. If no actions are taken, the situation will deteriorate. That’s why the work of Nick Brandt is so important - it is powerful and shocking. read more.