Selection of December 2018: Elevation by Marco Gargiulo

Elevation by Marco Gargiulo @margar68

The majesty of the seahorse has been so well seen by Marco Gargiulo. With the rays of the sun just behind, it looks like a king or a divinity, gracefully moving in its kingdom. A fantastic capture. read more.

Selection of November 2018: Gelada Baboons by Roberto Marchegiani

Gelada Baboons by Roberto Marchegiani

Sumptuous light on the baboon makes our choice for the photo of the month. read more.

Selection of October 2018: tiger Noir by Preeti and Prashant Chacko

Tiger Noir by Preeti and Prashant Chacko

A very impressive shot that perfectly underlines the power of the feline read more.

Selection of September 2018: Guardian by Andrew George

Guardian by Andrew George

We have been charmed by this very personal and original image taken by Andrew. See how he plays with all the circles... A great composition! read more.

Selection of August 2018: Archange by Thierry Barre

L'Archange ... by Thierry Barre

Our selection for this month: this image from Thierry evokes the power and a spiritual feeling. read more.