Selection of March 2019: Arctif Fox by Roberto Marchegiani

Arctic Fox by Roberto Marchegiani

A beautiful illustration of white on white, that reflects the ability of animals to adapt and survive in the harshest conditions. read more.

Selection of February 2019: Perplexe by Lucie Bressy

Perplexe by Lucie Bressy

Eyes are always fascinating, especially in animals. We cannot help trying to guess their thoughts, their emotions, their feelings. We could say that we are intelligent but what the eyes of an animal say, will always be a mystery to us. read more.

Selection of January 2019: Ghost of Etosha by Prelena Soma Owen

Ghost of Etosha by Prelena Soma Owen

Dryness, drought and heatwave are masterfully pictured by Prelena, thanks to a judicious and appropriate high key choice. read more.

Selection of December 2018: Elevation by Marco Gargiulo

Elevation by Marco Gargiulo @margar68

The majesty of the seahorse has been so well seen by Marco Gargiulo. With the rays of the sun just behind, it looks like a king or a divinity, gracefully moving in its kingdom. A fantastic capture. read more.

Selection of November 2018: Gelada Baboons by Roberto Marchegiani

Gelada Baboons by Roberto Marchegiani

Sumptuous light on the baboon makes our choice for the photo of the month. read more.