Selection of July 2020: Atmosphere... by Bastien Riu

Atmosphere... by Bastien Riu

Surreal vision of an ant surrounded by a surreal atmosphere. A great moment of photography. read more.

Selection of June 2020: A l'affut by Thomas Vanderheyden

A l'affût by Thomas Vanderheyden

This picture has enchanted us thanks to the perfect composition, the attitude of the praying mantis ready to spring on its prey, as well as the very well worked background, with its beautiful and subtle colors. read more.

Selection of May 2020: Rhino Dream by Nathalie Houdin

Rhino dream by Nathalie Houdin

This picture brings surprise and enchantment. Nathalie once again uses her sense of originality and creativity without leaving aside her aesthetics talent. Just great.’ read more.

Selection of April 2020: Gelada Portrait by Luigi Ruoppolo

Gelada portrait by Luigi Ruoppolo

A beautiful portrait of a Gelada monkey. The close shot highlights its enigmatic look while it allows to admire the delicate tones of the fur and the skin. read more.

Selection of March 2020: Dreamworld by Swapnil Deshpande

Dreamworld by Swapnil Deshpande

Poetic and dreamy image, that expresses a very personal, author’s vision. read more.