For its fourth birthday, Terra Quantum would like to warmly thank all the photographers who contribute to the development of the site by submitting their photos, adding comments or sharing contents. Thanks to the Jury, the quality of Terra Quantum has reached very high level and will never alter: it is our DNA. Terra Quantum is also grateful to all its team members, and especially: Olivier Kautz who is working hard to improve and develop the site, Beata Moore for the time she spends with the interviews of the photographers (22 interviews as of today!). This year we have launched a new platform 'Damaged Earth'. Keeping our photographic excellence requirement, this new gallery displays the work of some photographers who act as the witnesses of Earth destruction and its possible future consequences We wish you a great and beautiful 2020 year. Let's all keep an eye on our planet while photographing! read more.

An Interview with Peter Svoboda by Beata Moore

Wht's kept untouched by Peter Svoboda

Peter Svoboda is a photographer, judge and curator based in Slovakia. He is a member of FEP (Federation of European photographers) and APFSR (Association of Slovak professional Photographers). Peter's work is mainly focused on landscapes showing a strong mood and interesting light, in colour and in black&white. His pictures are known as precisely composed, often capturing rare moments of human presence in nature. Peter's photographs were exhibited in well-known galleries around the globe and published in countless international magazines, to name a few, National Geographic, Guardian, Telegraph, German Alpha Photo magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine. His work was awarded in many prestigious international competitions, amongst them: Prix de la photography Paris 2019, Moscow Int. Foto Awards 2019, Tierenberg Super Circuit 2019, European Golden Landscape Camera 2018, Sony World Photography Awards 2016, Tokyo International Foto Awards 216 and many more. Website: https://www.petersvobodaphotography.com read more.

Selection of December 2019: Flirting with the falls by Florence Dabenoc-Devaux

Tutoyer les chutes / Flirting with the falls by Florence Dabenoc-Devaux

A fantastic vision of hundred birds in chaotic surroundings of one of the most impressive falls in the world. read more.

Selection of November 2019: Puffin Portrait by NOD

Puffin Portrait by NOD

A visual delight for us, as much as a taste pleasure for that puffin... read more.

Selection of October 2019: Le Sourire by Odile Tambou

Le sourire by TAMBOU Odile

The power of the crocodile is expressed by Odile with a personal touch and vision. The composition is original, complex but perfectly mastered, especially the depth of field that reveals the prehistoric structure of the animal. read more.