An Interview with Szabo Zsolt Andras by Beata Moore

SZABÓ ZSOLT ANDRÁS is a landscape photographer from Romania. Since his childhood he was always attracted by images; that combined with his passion for mountains and wilderness played an important role in becoming a photographer. Self-thought, he learnt photography by viewing others' photos and by practicing a lot. The art of J.R.R. Tolkien and Marc Adamus had major influence on Zsolt’s work. He approaches landscape photography as a creative art form and as a result, his exquisite images brought him a lot of appreciation and considerable success. The biggest value of photographs for Zsolt is the author's approach and input, the way how landscapes are photographed, not the subject itself. He photographs mostly the mountains of his country and occasionally he visits more spectacular and distant places. read more.

Selection of September 2020: Circle of Life by Ellen Cuylaerts

Circle of Life by Ellen Cuylaerts

Extraordinary composition and a judicious choice of a square ratio that perfectly fits the circle. A jewel. read more.

Talk #3 Seeing Colours and Tones

impenetrable by Heiko Gerlicher

Red, orange and yellow - stimulating and exciting; blue, turquoise and green - calming and relaxing, all these colours and many more occur naturally withing a landscape. Changing dramatically through the seasons, they bring so much joy to us photographers. Colour however wasn’t available in photography ... read more.

Selection of August 2020: Cavalcade by Michael Arzur

Cavalcade by Michael Arzur

What an extraordinary power that emerges from this cavalcade! Congratulations to Michael for this perfect composition taken in a fraction of a second. read more.

An Interview with Sue Trower by Beata Moore

Sue Trower was born and continues to live in Jersey, part of the Channel Islands off the northern coast of France. She took up photography seriously about 15 years ago with the purchase of her first digital camera. Sue was the official photographer for a number of years for the island Championship rugby side, the Jersey Reds, and still enjoys sports photography including surfing. Now Sue concentrates mainly on fine art seascapes both locally and abroad. In 2012 Sue gained an Associate distinction from the Royal Photographic Society which was followed by gaining an RPS Fellowship in 2017. read more.